ETFE Adhesive Tapes for the World

CMC Klebetechnik is a mid-size company in the heart of Germany and manufactures since more than 25 years an ETFE-film based adhesive tape that sticks good to ETFE surfaces. It is used for construction, maintenance and repair of ETFE-applications such as facades, claddings, rooftops and superior horticulture greenhouses (controlled enviroment agriculture; CEA).

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  • CMC 77700 ETFE-Adhesive tape single side adhesive coated, without protective liner, wound on itself, high unwinding force necessary when wider than 200 mm
  • CMC 77701 ETFE-Adhesive tape single side adhesive coated, with transparent protective liner on adhesive. Advantage: ease to cut with knife or scissor
  • CMC 77703 ETFE-Adhesive tape double side adhesive coated, with protective liner

Tapes are sold worldwide in any width* you need; Adhesive ETFE tapes are available in width from 10 mm to 100 mm (CMC 77701 up to 500 mm; 0,4 inch to 20 inch). Standard is 50 mm and 100 mm, but you can choose any width in mm-steps you need.

Ethylentetrafluorethylene (ETFE) - Films - opt for the highest quality. The ageing-resistant ETFE film and weatherproof, transparent adhesive reduce maintenance costs to a minimum. These adhesive tapes made of a 100µm (2 mil) ETFE film are ideal for e.g. repairing greenhouses made of high-quality films. The adhesive tapes in the product range CMC 777xx adhere to almost any low-energy-surfaces permanently and are resistant to weathering. Even moisture and light dirt do not prevent an effective repair (although cleaning is always recommended as a matter of principle).

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CMC Klebetechnik has a  ISO 9001-based quality system in is REACH and RoHS compliant. For more information on this see here.

Fabrication of ETFE-Cusions (double and triple layer for thermal insulation and light management):
(Novum Pre-Construction Services)                                                        

  • Hostaflon® former trademark Hoechst AG
  • Tefzel™ ETFE trademark of Chemours (former DuPont)
  • Nowoflon® trademark of Nowofol GmbH
  • Tefka® DX trademark of Denka
  • Formex® trademark of ITW Formex
  • Fluon® trademark of AGC
  • F-Clean® trademark of Asahi Glas